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Belmont’s super market
Bringing food to Belmont Village — that’s the plan for Tuesdays, since the area has been without a full service grocer since the 1970s.
Inquiry into Mayfair demo denied
Conspiracy theories about fancy rebuilds and the role of the chief building official were only part of the conversation Monday night, as delegates asked city council for an independent inquiry into the Mayfair Hotel and Hymmen Hardware demolitions.

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Tuesday, June, 16, 2015 - 8:08:04 AM
Bringing back ‘Busy Berlin’ "[...] Bringing back 'Busy Berlin' | Your online newspaper for Kitchener … [...]"
Friday, June, 05, 2015 - 2:02:30 AM
Hey council: It’s time to get it together people "Thanks for the article. I agree with you 100%. I hope you have it emailed to each councilor."
Comment by Natasha
Thursday, May, 28, 2015 - 4:04:58 PM
Recognizing the right to a healthy environment "Thanks for the article, Laurie. Let me just point out to your readers that if they want to add their name to the national Blue Dot petition, like 73,000 others have, they can do so at this webpage - Cheers! Jim and Tracey"
Comment by jimmarst
Construction signs cause confusion, frustration
When it comes to the construction of light rail transit, area councillors are frustrated with road closures, detours and signage.
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Local named grand champion amateur winemaker of Ontario
Between working as a city planner, firefighter, sales manager and farmer, Mat Vaughan finds time to work on his hobby: winemaking.
More hospital beds needed
In 10 years, the region will need an additional 170 hospital beds to accommodate the aging and growing population.
No charges in Brock Street case
Police say the man found dead, alongside a woman at a Brock Street home, is responsible for both deaths.
Catholic board approves budget
The region’s Catholic school board approved a $300,000 increase to its 2016 budget Monday. The $246.9 million budget includes $230 million for operating, an $800,000 increase, and $16.9 million for capital projects, a decrease of $500,000.
Celebrate Canada Day in downtown core
Visit downtown Kitchener from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. for Canada Day festivities next Wednesday.
OMB approves region’s official plan compromise
It’s been a long process, but the region’s official plan was approved after the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) accepted a compromise between the region and developers last week.
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Bike share hits the brakes
After three years, thousands of unpaid hours of work and thousands of their own money, the volunteers behind Grand River Public Bike Share (GRPBS) have announced they are postponing their launch indefinitely.
Bike lanes approved for East Avenue
Positive feedback from the community helped ease the infrastructure committee’s vote to install bike lanes on both sides of East Avenue last week.
Report cards coming in August
Waterloo Region’s 40,000 public elementary students will be receiving end-of-the-year marks after all, but they’ll have to wait until the end of summer.
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City seeks new snow dumping site
It will be a few more months before we see any snow on the ground, but city staff are already looking for a new snow dumping site.
Regional council takes first look at next year’s budget
Four months after passing the region’s 2015 budget, the region is already looking ahead to next year.
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Lending a hand
Mike and Joan Schurter are always there to lend a helping hand, before you even open your mouth to ask for it.
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Shooting up
Almost 100,000 additional needles were distributed through Waterloo Region’s needle syringe program in 2014.
Region to decide on how to replace councillor
According to Ontario’s 2014 municipal councillor’s guide, regional council will have to declare Wettlaufer’s seat vacant at one of its next two meetings.
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Remembering Wayne Wettlaufer
Region of Waterloo Coun. Wayne Wettlaufer scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the day after Father’s Day, after more than a month of trying to catch his breath.
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