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Our first defection

Posted by Charlotte Prong Parkhill

It is with heavy hearts (and some barbecued meats from Lancaster Smokehouse) that we will be saying goodbye to reporter Ryan Flanagan tomorrow, as he leaves us to pursue another job opportunity.

We rescued Ryan from the hinterlands of Thompson, Manitoba and he has been here at the Kitchener Post since Day 1. He’s been instrumental to our success, both as a reporter and photographer. He also has a sharp eye for copy editing. Ryan is dedicated to community journalism, as evidenced by the many, many hours he has spent in regional council chambers so you don’t have to.

But what we will probably miss most is Ryan’s ability to come up with several great headlines for almost any story, including my personal favourite: “Follow the lederhosen” on a front-page Oktoberfest photo.

Be sure to pick up your Kitchener Post tomorrow – the last that will contain a Flanagan headline, and sure to become a special collector’s item.


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