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Poverty, mental illness, addiction: fighting the uphill battle

Amanda Daiken struggled with mental illness, addiction and homelessness. She, and others like her, face an uphill battle.

Jordan Ercit, MVP

Sports reporter extaordinaire Jordan Ercit will be leaving us as of June 14.

Our first defection

Posted by Charlotte Prong Parkhill It is with heavy hearts (and some barbecued meats from Lancaster Smokehouse) that we will be saying goodbye to reporter Ryan Flanagan tomorrow, as he leaves us to pursue another job opportunity. We rescued Ryan from the hinterlands of Thompson, Manitoba and he has been here at the Kitchener Post [...]

Covering the campaign

So many press releases … so little time.

What’s in a name?

Last week, the Waterloo Region District School Board announced that the new elementary school slated to open this fall on Woodbine Avenue (near Huron and Fischer-Hallman) will be named Jean Steckle Public School.

Not naming the name

You may have noticed in our coverage of the death of John James that we have not named the 18-year-old man who has been charged with manslaughter in the case.

The great geography gap

We might not officially be in a provincial byelection in Kitchener-Waterloo yet, but it sure feels like one.

Fun with numbers

We just got this press release touting the benefits of additional personal support worker hours in Ontario:

A mayor’s work is never done

Next month marks the 100th anniversary of Kitchener (then Berlin) becoming a city.

Where’s our coverage on “personhood”?

We’re just finishing up our April 27 issue of the Post and getting new stories up online. You may notice there is no coverage of a big issue – Kitchener Centre MP Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s motion on “personhood.”