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John De Boer Photo

John De Boer Photo

De Boer’s treasures

When I was at a Tim Hortons in Kitchener, I met child care provider Ligia (Lea) Montani. She was there with seven children, two of them her own, and her lovable dog Eve, who pulls the kids around in a chuck wagon.

I met up with them later in Morgan Park, where the kids were playing and having a snack.

Lea was giving Eve a drink of water, and trying to answer my questions about her job. Lea started her home daycare service eight years ago, and for the first five years, she pulled the kids in the wagon, but developed back and arm injuries. Now she has Eve, a four-year-old Alaskan Malamute, who gladly pulls the chuck wagon and has become a very popular animal with the youngsters.

It was a real pleasure to meet Lea and to witness how loving and dedicated she is with the children and to see her unique method of getting the kids out for fresh air and exercise.

• • •

John De Boer lives in Kitchener and enjoys daytripping off the beaten path.

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