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7,500 respond to garbage survey
When the region’s garbage collection survey concluded last month, 700 people had responded with their ideas, concerns and opinions.
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Understanding Uber
The new year will no doubt boast its share of software innovations that test traditional ways of doing things and aggravate lawmakers in the process. Chances are, you’re already familiar with one poised to make an impact in 2015.

Will you try the new Uber app if it launches in the region?

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Saturday, November, 08, 2014 - 4:04:28 AM
Outgoing mayor unduly influenced the results "Very well put Bob. Won't miss him."
Comment by alan54g
Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 2:02:32 PM
School board trustee: the forgotten vote "It's totally true. I'm running for School Board Trustee and yesterday I received an email from another candidate and I stopped and went, "wait, who?" I think it goes without saying that as a candidate I have been paying attention to the race! Weird"
Comment by fmcalister
Thursday, October, 16, 2014 - 7:07:44 PM
School board trustee: the forgotten vote "Hi James Thanks for linking to the TriTAG survey. We did not have the capacity to include school trustees in our survey for this election, but it's on our radar for the future, as how kids travel to and from school, and the education they receive "
Comment by MikeOnABike
City to tighten regulations on heritage conservation districts
After community opposition to two monster home applications in Upper Doon, city council revisited the 26-year-old heritage plan and made a number of changes that will help protect the area.
Councillors debate arts funding for TheMuseum
This year is the fifth year in a row that TheMuseum has received $120,000 from the City of Kitchener’s Arts and Culture Sustainability Fund — but it appears that it may be their last.
Neighbours plan open meeting about Hallman development
Concerned residents, who live near the future Strasburg Road extension, are organizing their own public meeting, after deciding the city fumbled communicating a proposed development.
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Prioritizing affordable housing
City Coun. Frank Etherington is hopeful Kitchener will follow the example of other municipalities when it comes to tackling the issue of affordable housing.
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There’s a new chief in town
It’s the only career Jon Rehill has ever imagined, and now he’s been promoted to the top job — Kitchener’s fire chief.
Emergency repairs cost $1.2 million
Repairs to the Greenbrook water treatment plant, after an explosion last spring, will cost an additional $100,000 for a total cost of $800,000, according to region documents.
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Hitting where it doesn’t hurt
Dr. Tyler Fletcher is a realist when it comes to hitting in hockey.
Working Centre affordable housing project receives $1.1 million
The Working Centre will receive $1.1 million to help build 19 affordable housing units in Kitchener.
City debates capital spending
It was the second round of budget talks on Monday at city hall, with a proposed capital budget of $104.5 million for 2015.
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New dolls aim to empower
Stereotypical dolls and games aimed at young girls have always been frustrating for Katie Neilsen.
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Filled with glee
KW Glee started out five years ago performing in a church with just a couple of lights, but later this month they’ll take on the stage at Centre in the Square, alongside the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.
Voices Carry raises more than $10,000
More than two dozen people stood in the cold last week to protest Bill Cosby’s performance in Kitchener, but just minutes away, hundreds gathered for an alternative event, which aimed to shift the focus from Cosby, to the victims of sexual assault.
Behind the scenes — and inside the mind — of the Post cartoonist
Kitchener Post cartoonist Patrick LaMontagne shows a behind the scenes look at how his cartoons are created, as well as the thought process that goes behind each piece of art.
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Kitchener Cosby show goes off without a hitch despite protest
Dozens of protestors gathered outside the Centre in the Square on Wednesday night for the Bill Cosby performance, but inside, the show went off without a hitch — he even received a standing ovation.
Budget blues
City staff presented their proposed operating budget Monday, which includes a property tax rate increase of 2.25 per cent and a water and sanitary rate increase of 9.9 per cent. Also presented were eight strategic initiatives, that, if approved, would total more than $540,000.
Region to decide on housing projects
Who will get money from the region for affordable housing will be discussed at next week’s regional council committee meeting.
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