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Bleams noise barrier would cost $828K

By Heather Abrey
Kitchener Post staff

Waterloo Region staff conducted a noise assessment of properties backing onto Bleams Road near the Huron Business Park, and found that some properties may warrant a noise barrier.

Some homes that back onto Bleams already have a noise barrier, but it doesn’t extend along all the houses because noise levels didn’t warrant it at the time it was built, according to regional Coun. Geoff Lorentz.

Residents of the area have complained about excessive noise, and Lorentz would like to see the issue dealt with.

“People invest their whole life savings into a home, and they don’t expect the earth, moon and stars, but they expect that they should have some reasonable use of their property,” he said.

No oversized trucks are allowed to use this section of Bleams, according to Lorentz, and while some business owners protested the ban, council rejected the idea of lifting it.

“The residents need a break. The traffic is only going to get worse, not better, and with new navigation systems and all of the technology that’s there, it should be really easy for someone to program in the proper way to get into that area,” he said.

The region generally requires noise levels above 60 decibalA to warrant building a barrier. Homes on Springhill Place and Colony Drive hit 60 decibalA, while those on Rushbrook Drive, Nicole Crescent and The Country Way were all in the high 50s.

A regional report notes that a barrier could be built behind one home on Colony Drive and that noise issues along this section of Bleams are similar to areas along Erb Street, Ottawa Street, Homer Watson and other areas where noise barriers have been requested.

The region would split the cost of a barrier 50/50 with the homeowners. It costs about $1,000 per metre to build a six-foot tall noise barrier. The cost to install a barrier along all of the affected area would be $820,000, according to a region report.

Lorentz said that barriers have been installed for residents along Ira Needles in Waterloo after complaints of noise from the Boardwalk and the landfill.

There are future plans to widen Bleams Road, but Lorentz said he would like to see noise walls installed soon rather than later.

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