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City offers tips for living near coyotes

The City of Kitchener is providing information to residents about coyotes, since winter is the time when these animals are most often seen in the city.

Coyotes play an important ecological role in urban areas by eating other animals and controlling pest populations.

They can live in close proximity to people without causing a problem.

Over the past 10 years in Canada, an average of 2.4 people per year have been scratched or bitten by a coyote.

It is important not to intentionally or unintentionally feed coyotes. Do not put meat and other food scraps in your compost. Keep cats indoors and dogs leashed.

Coyotes will generally steer clear of humans. Simply seeing a coyote, even during daylight, should not be a reason for concern. If approached by a coyote, stay calm and do not run. Be loud, aggressive, wave your arms and shout. Slowly walk away. If the coyote doesn’t move away, throw something to scare it.

Concerns about coyote behaviour should be reported to the City of Kitchener by calling 519-741-2345.

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