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Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Mayor Carl Zehr, left, and Coun. Berry Vrbanovic met with commuters at the GO and Via train station on Tuesday morning .

Mayor, councillors push for commuter funds

Mayor Carl Zehr and Coun. Berry Vrbanovic advocated for the Cut My Commute challenge on Tuesday. They talked to commuters boarding early-morning Toronto-bound trains about the campaign, led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

The campaign aims to achieve secure, predictable funding for transportation infrastructure from upper levels of government.

The average daily commute in a Canadian major city comes in at 63 minutes.

“Municipal governments own and operate most of the roads, bridges, and public transit that Canadians rely on every day,” said Vrbanovic, who is also the former FCM president. “However, municipalities collect just 8 cents of every tax dollar paid in Canada.  Building an effective transportation system requires dedicated funding from the federal government.”

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