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St. Mary’s tops in the country

St. Mary’s General Hospital is tops in Canada in one standard measure.

The Kitchener hospital has the lowest hospital standardized mortality ratio (HSMR) in the country.

HSMR measures expected deaths versus actual deaths in acute care hospitals, with a ratio lower than 100 indicating fewer than expected deaths. St. Mary’s ration for 2011/2012 is 66.

The results, announced Thursday, are from the Canadian Institute for Health Information annual report.

“This accomplishment is great news for our patients and families, and is due to the unwavering commitment to quality and safety by our top-notch staff, physicians, volunteers and board of trustees,” says St. Mary’s president Don Shilton.

In 2010 the board of the hospital set a vision “to be the safest and most effective hospital in Canada characterized by innovation, compassion and respect.”

Several factors have influenced the improvements at St. Mary’s, including improved discharge planning to help patients avoid readmission, and having physicians review each death that occurs in hospital.

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