Being careful of Liberal promises
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Feb 15, 2017  |  Vote 0    0

Being careful of Liberal promises

Kitchener Post

In the Kitchener Post Feb. 9, MPP Daiene Vernile made a statement that having a good local public transit system is going to get people off the roads.

The transit system hasn’t gotten people off the roads all these years that the region has tried. Doubling the gas tax will not make people take transit.

Hasn’t it been proven that anytime there are increases in fares, people tend to use it less?

Those people who have cars, are not going to change.

Even myself, I wouldn’t use transit. I don’t have time to sit on a bus for 1.5 hours going to Fairview Mall or Conestoga Mall, or anywhere, as it takes too long.

I have more important things to do than sit on a bus.

I would rather volunteer somewhere for 1.5 hours.

This Liberal government is trying to make our environment more green, but is wasting taxpayers’ money on solar and wind power, and all they are doing is just increasing the debt for the people in Ontario.

All this Wynne government knows is to sell our assets (Hydro One) to make some money, not caring what happens down the road to our young families and children of the next generation.

If she gets in with a majority government next time, you can be sure she will sell more of Hydro One, plus the LCBO.

What she says before election and what she does after will certainly be two different stories.

Just watch how she will be giving money to different teachers’ unions and other public sector workers to win votes in the months before the next election.

Then she’ll take it from the poor who are struggling with high hydro rates and gas taxes. Remember when you cast your vote in the next election.

Doreen Yarascavitch

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