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Time to speed up reforms of the OMB
The Kathleen Wynne provincial government promised in August 2013 to reform the Ontario Municipal Board.
Civic engagement is more of a two-way street
I have to applaud a group of Kitchener residents who organized their own community meeting last week about the proposed development of two 12-storey apartment buildings in their neighbourhood.

Does the city keep citizens aware of changes in their neighbourhood?

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Saturday, November, 08, 2014 - 4:04:28 AM
Outgoing mayor unduly influenced the results "Very well put Bob. Won't miss him."
Comment by alan54g
Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 2:02:32 PM
School board trustee: the forgotten vote "It's totally true. I'm running for School Board Trustee and yesterday I received an email from another candidate and I stopped and went, "wait, who?" I think it goes without saying that as a candidate I have been paying attention to the race! Weird"
Comment by fmcalister
Thursday, October, 16, 2014 - 7:07:44 PM
School board trustee: the forgotten vote "Hi James Thanks for linking to the TriTAG survey. We did not have the capacity to include school trustees in our survey for this election, but it's on our radar for the future, as how kids travel to and from school, and the education they receive "
Comment by MikeOnABike
City should take cost into consideration
Taxes, taxes, taxes. Our councillors are working hard on tax rates to keep them low as possible.
Your eyes need proper care and attention
What most people don’t know is that up to 75 per cent of vision loss is preventable or treatable.
Citizens should have right to protect themselves
Sadly neither the police nor the media will post the truth that when citizens are given the right and responsibility to protect themselves and their property, violent crime rates diminish dramatically.
Learning to let go a big part of moving
If you want to truly understand how much stuff you have in your life, move house.
De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures
Meet Don Kraemer, his twin daughters Meghan and Kaylie and son Nathan who have all earned their black belts in Taekwondo. This Kitchener family has been training at Vasquez Martial Arts in Cambridge since 2008.
La Yapa: Food talks at TheMuseum
TheMuseum in downtown Kitchener is talking food pretty much every Sunday from now until March. The talks span many current hot-button issues around food and agriculture — some seemingly easy to resolve, and others not so.
Taking a SMART approach to job search success
Many people start the new year by making resolutions such as adopting a healthier lifestyle, learning a new skill or finding a new job. Although they begin with good intentions, many struggle to keep their momentum and eventually give up altogether.
Leave turf management up to the professionals, not the politicians
In this, my 58th year writing about the sport, and my beloved recreation, of golf, there are not many times the colour red is a good omen.
Users beware of Uber app
Anyone who has used a taxi in town knows it can be expensive and inconvenient.
My car is ready for the Uber experience
One day soon, I’ll be hitting the streets in search of my first fare as a citizen-driver.
Stop listening to campaign promises
On Monday, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced a $95 million initiative to improve transit in Toronto. Among other things, he announced he would reverse cuts imposed by the previous mayor, Rob Ford, and allow children under twelve to ride transit for free.
High-speed rail is a pie in the sky idea
James Bow is absolutely correct in this column. It makes no sense in this era of restrained budgets to discuss pie in the sky proposals, like high-speed rail, when we aren’t even sure if there is a market for it.
Third stream needed for trash collection
I didn’t think we lived in a communist country either, so when I put out twice as much garbage as you do, why should we both pay the same?
Andrew Coppolino photo
La Yapa: Walnuts and wine
Here’s a suggestion for a cold January evening this weekend: light a fire, turn on your favourite music — and eat some walnuts with a glass of big, bold red wine.
Hockey has to change with the times
It’s the good old hockey game, but as we saw in the recent four-part series published in the Post, there are real challenges for Canada’s favourite sport going forward.
No need to bubble wrap local tobogganing hills
You wonder if it’s another sign that we’ve become a bubble-wrapped society when municipalities across Ontario have banned or are thinking of banning tobogganing.
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