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Living up to a high standard
There is no doubt that we hold our politicians to an incredibly high standard.
A solution to all the potential conflicts?
A local public school board trustee has offered up an interesting policy plank as the seven-week fall municipal campaign gets into full swing today.

Should Todd Cowan resign during a police investigation?

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Sunday, September, 07, 2014 - 2:02:23 PM
Kitchener Votes Ward 10: James Howe "[...] Here are some excerpts from the Kitchener Post’s profile of me: [...]"
Comment by Kitchener Post Profile of James Howe - James HOWE
Saturday, August, 23, 2014 - 10:10:16 PM
Kitchener Votes Ward 7: Fauzia Mazhar "[...]  The Record Daily Exchange Kitchener Post [...]"
Comment by In the Media |
Monday, August, 18, 2014 - 2:02:12 PM
Kitchener Votes Ward 7: Harald Drewitz "This sounds very good to me. It is exactly what we need. Accountability,transparency and controlled spending."
Comment by ernstfriedel
Imposing term limits should be up to the voters
Late last week, the Kitchener Post ran a poll on its website asking readers if they wanted term limits for municipal politicians.
Politicians using a false dichotomy with LRT
At the recent ground breaking for the region’s light rail transit (LRT) project, once again the comparison between LRT and the building of the Conestoga Parkway was used as a justification for the project.
Fry was wrong labeling refugee health care a right
Fry was wrong labeling refugee health care a right.
Schneiders web
De Boer’s treasures
The Canadian Transportation Museum near Essex has three J. M. Schneider delivery trucks on permanent display. All three vehicles are painted in the company’s signature blue and orange colours like this 1950 Chevrolet delivery truck. This promotional vehicle was restored for the 100th anniversary of Schneiders Foods, then donated to the museum.
It’s your time to stand up
If you’re the type who always complains about politics and how your voice isn’t heard at city hall or regional headquarters, here’s your chance.
Pedestrians voting with their feet
It’s been more than a decade since the first roundabouts in Waterloo Region, and apparently some drivers are still having a problem figuring them out.
Disruptive construction leads to surprises when not watching
On occasion, I’ve paid a visit to the Kitchener train station, primarily to gawk at the work being done on the Weber Street underpass.
Municipal incumbents more like mainstays
In seven short days, the floodgates will open to a deluge of electioneering. You’ll hear the advertisements, see the signs and find your mailbox at times overflowing.
No more surprises at Centre
The reality of supporting arts and culture is that at best you hope to break even, and that still requires some dedicated funding from arts supporters.
Back to school not about contract talks
Students are getting ready to head back to school with all the expectations a new school year brings.
Kids will be kids and we can’t force them to be kind
In our family, we passed a milestone the other day. I have mixed feelings about it.
Army veteran disappointed in justice system
I am an army veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and I have a service dog.
Cuts to refugee health care morally wrong
Canada has long been a safe haven for those seeking protection from violence and persecution in troubled parts of the world, but our reputation for compassion has been called into question by the Conservative government’s decision to deny refugee claimants health care.
John De Boer photo
De Boer’s treasures: bullfrog
The bullfrog is the largest frog in North America.
La yapa: limes
Today is the birthday of Sir Gilbert Blane, born in 1749 (he died June 26, 1834).
Communication is key
It was delayed for a month, but the official groundbreaking of the new Ion light rail transit system took place yesterday, and it’s full speed ahead for the biggest infrastructure project in the Region of Waterloo’s history.
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