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Conservatives tilting at another windmill
Lost in the flurry of Jim Flaherty’s untimely passing last week was a Conservative government once again demonstrating its small-mindedness.
Devil is in the details for high-speed rail
Earlier this week, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced some details on a $29-billion investment in roads and public transportation. In addition, Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray announced plans to build high-speed rail service between London, Kitchener, Pearson Airport and Toronto within the next 10 years.

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Thursday, April, 10, 2014 - 5:05:53 AM
Making K’nexions "[...] March 27 – Kitchener: Making K’nexions [...]"
Comment by NEM Newsroom | National Engineering Month Ontario
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 8:08:53 PM
Travelling the same old road "Explain to me again why we couldn't just widen the existing highway 7? Make it 5 lanes, with safe access to the greenhouse businesses, and a new entrance by way of Wellington St and Bingeman Centre Rd. Then a new hwy wouldn't be needed for a genera"
Comment by Eleanor
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 1:01:22 PM
Big Music Fest creates council division "[...] I saw some of it first hand via Rogers TV and read about it in this morning’s Waterloo Region Record and on CBC’s local station. And this week’s Kitchener Post. [...]"
Comment by Why all the fuss at City Council about Big Music Fest? | James Howe
Need to provide more than a ray of hope
It started as a Band-Aid solution to address the growing problem of homelessness in Kitchener-Waterloo almost 15 years ago.
Quebec voter turnout puts Ontario to shame
I confess to some schadenfreude as I watched the results of the Quebec election roll in.
Monster Jam,Northern Nightmare London 002WEB
De Boer's treasures
Thirty-five-year-old Cam McQueen from Calgary is the owner-operator of Northern Nightmare, which recently appeared at the Budweiser Gardens in London. He is a proud Canadian, driving the first Canadian-made truck on the monster jam circuit.
City shouldn’t keep secrets
If Paul Singh has his way, the City of Kitchener will be working on guidelines to prevent repeats of the controversy that erupted over Big Music Fest.
Turkey Vulture & Mill Damn in Galt 003WEB
De Boer’s treasures
A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this Turkey Vulture who would have just returned from its winter stay in South America.
Harshness of winter gives way to wonders of spring
One of the hardest things about this past winter was looking at the long-range forecast on my cellphone.
It’s time for Kitchener to prove it can handle the big acts
The trail of destruction left by Kitchener city council this week was not unlike the mess we’ve come to expect from a rock band after a good old-fashioned row in a rented hotel room.
Staying motivated while finding a job
Looking for work can and should feel a bit like a job.
The collateral damage that comes with crime
You get a lot of interesting calls in a job like this
Regional debate shows we’re all in it together
A week ago I attended the Waterloo regional council meeting to watch councillors ratify the decision to award a contract
John De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures: steamship
Meet Eric J Conroy, honorary captain of the S. S. Keewatin
Time for the annual spring road dance
Welcome to the first full day of spring, even though it sure doesn’t feel like it.
Don’t forget link between taxes and needed services
The day after I wrote last week’s column, premier Kathleen Wynne announced that middle class tax increases to pay for Metrolinx’s $50-billion, 25-year “Big Move” public transit initiative were off the table. Wynne ruled out increasing the HST, gas taxes or middle-class income taxes to pay for expanded public transit in southern Ontario.
Goodnight and good luck
A thank you to readers and fellow journalists.
Spring election brings three ideas on transportation
It looks as though the three political parties in Queen’s Park are ready to roll the dice and take their chances on a spring election.
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