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Culture clubs helped us find our community
The Italian Cortina Club shut its doors for the last time yesterday, going out in style by serving one of its famous homemade lunches.
Create linkages to rest of the southwest
Waterloo Region counts itself as part of southwestern Ontario, and not part of the Greater Toronto Area.

Should the region extend the U-Pass to college students?

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Tuesday, March, 10, 2015 - 10:10:15 AM
A timeout from tech "[...] media was very interested in covering this event. We were featured in The Record, CTV news, the Kitchener Post and the Canadian Mennonite. We also had a number of radio stations request interviews, including a [...]"
Comment by Tech TimeOut: We survived! - Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
Friday, February, 27, 2015 - 2:02:43 PM
Clearing snow needs a happy medium "[...] On Tuesday of last week, The Record published a column by Professor Alejandro López-Ortiz calling on our cities to plow sidewalks like they do roads. This week, Kitchener Post columnist James Bow also called on Kitchener to investigate offer"
Comment by Winter Sidewalk Round-Up | TriTAG
Saturday, February, 21, 2015 - 10:10:18 PM
Short on space "[...] [...]"
Comment by We Need More Space! | Doon Pioneer Park Community Association
John De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures: Wellington County Museum
Half way between Elora and Fergus stands a majestic stone building which overlooks Wellington Road 18. For the past 40 years it has served as the Wellington County Museum and Archives.
Time to put my smartphone away
While students at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate were taking a vacation from technology, I too was taking a bit of a break.
A new life chapter takes some adapting
The winter before I moved out of my parents’ home was bitter and snowy. It seemed like spring would never come and the driveway kept needing to be shoveled.
John De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures: Mary Webb Centre
Cultural events in Kitchener take place at the Centre in the Square, but in the village of Highgate they take place in a round building with square outer corners. It’s called the Mary Webb Centre, which, until five years ago, was a United Church.
La Yapa: City-versus-city cook-off
It’s a gritty city-versus-city cook-off, a chef swap and a restaurant battle-royale. It’s uptown Waterloo’s Uptown 21 versus big, bad downtown Kitchener’s Marisol Restaurante.
John De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures: Webster's Falls
Webster’s Falls in Hamilton is a spectacular frozen wonderland this winter. My hiking buddy John Cress stands on the massive ice mound which reaches half way up the 22-metre high falls.
Time to have the talk over changes to sex-ed
It seems the culture wars have come to Ontario and all it took was the introduction of a new sex -ed curriculum for the insanity to start to reign.
Daylight savings time causes an outpouring of frustration
When I wrote this on Monday, I woke up at the unholy hour of 6:30 a.m. The clock said 7:30 a.m., but my body refused to agree.
Andrew Coppolino photo
Pastry perfection
While acting as a judge at a pastry competition for high school students at Kitchener’s Liaison College culinary school earlier this month, my fellow adjudicator, Yvonne Zensner, owner of Cake Box in Kitchener, whispered to me while we observed these talented, intense and high-performance bakers, “What were you doing when you were 16 years-old, Andrew?”
More to breakdowns than freeze and thaws
The rash of water main breaks in the city is getting blamed on the usual culprit — the freeze thaw cycle as we go through another tough Canadian winter.
Loose definitions raise questions about Bill C-51
It is unfortunately true that there are bad people out there who want to do us harm. And while it is important to protect our privacy and civil liberties, it is the government’s responsibility to protect us from threats. It’s not unreasonable to grant the government the powers needed to ensure that protection.
The city can’t dig us out of this one
This has been the winter of our discontent. Despite only seeing our first truly significant snowfall of the season on Groundhog Day, we’re as winter-weary as any other year thanks to relentless, record cold in February. Rapidly rising snowbanks that have left us wondering where we’ll put the snow the next time it falls.
The Schneiders legacy goes out with a whimper
The last of the Schneiders legacy will be shipped out of the Courtland Avenue plant any day now, but for those of who have an intimate history with the plant, that legacy had been dismantled piecemeal for decades.
Clearing snow needs a happy medium
My in-laws are spending March visiting family in Australia. They’ve earned their vacation, and it’s worth noting they had to brave an 11-hour flight to get there, but it’s hard not to be jealous, especially as I walk their dog.
La Yapa: Corn flakes
Today, Thursday, Feb. 26, is the birthday of John Harvey Kellogg, born in 1852.
Protecting education and the community
The fight over the possible closing of up to 48 schools in the Toronto District School Board might seem like it has nothing to do with the local school accommodation worries, but it could be a model for things to come.
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