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La Yapa: Cherries
Cherries are delicious. Cherries are heavenly. Cherries are here — and then they are gone. Poof. Done.
John De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures: funky tree
Like a giant anaconda, this maple tree squeezes this old bicycle wheel as though it were prey. This oddity sits on a large front lawn at the T-intersection of Spooky Hollow Road and Front Road in the village of Normandale.

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Tuesday, June, 16, 2015 - 8:08:04 AM
Bringing back ‘Busy Berlin’ "[...] Bringing back 'Busy Berlin' | Your online newspaper for Kitchener … [...]"
Friday, June, 05, 2015 - 2:02:30 AM
Hey council: It’s time to get it together people "Thanks for the article. I agree with you 100%. I hope you have it emailed to each councilor."
Comment by Natasha
Thursday, May, 28, 2015 - 4:04:58 PM
Recognizing the right to a healthy environment "Thanks for the article, Laurie. Let me just point out to your readers that if they want to add their name to the national Blue Dot petition, like 73,000 others have, they can do so at this webpage - Cheers! Jim and Tracey"
Comment by jimmarst
A lucky victim of the local craft beer wars
Canadians like their beer, and in 2014 drank more than 22 million hectolitres of various types of suds.
Experiencing the pride of San Francisco
By a lucky coincidence, the wife, kids and I found ourselves in San Francisco in time for the Pride parade. In fact, our hotel was steps from the parade route.
Support should be on and offline
My Facebook feed lit up last Friday — quite literally — in a rainbow-coloured hue of support on the heels of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex unions.
La Yapa: Food truck frenzy
The evolution in the way food trucks do business within the confines of city bylaws and regulations has been a positive one.
De Boer's treasures: Supertest Petroleum
Supertest Petroleum was an all-Canadian oil and gas company that operated from 1923 to 1973. Their first gas station was in London, where co-founders John Gordon Thompson and James D. Good started the business.
Making fitness a goal in our new neighbourhood
When we moved to our new place, my wife launched some new house rules. The kids had to make their beds and keep their rooms cleaner, for instance. In return, the kids got to make rules of their own.
Wettlaufer stood by his convictions to the end
There were a lot of people who didn’t agree with Wayne Wettlaufer’s approach to politics, and you can count me as one of them.
The true cost of Canada’s senate expense scandal
There is no getting around the fact the senate spending scandal and the scathing report into the expenses of the upper house by Canada’s auditor general exposed what’s wrong when people don’t respect the public purse.
A student housing surplus might not be a bad thing
It’s hard not to look at the mass of highrises going up on the streets near the universities in Waterloo and wonder if maybe we’re going too far. A returning resident who lived in the area five years ago would hardly recognize the place.
La Yapa: Multicultural Festival
It might be regarded as the unofficial kick-off to summer: the K-W Multicultural Festival has been rolling along for — it’s hard to believe — more than 40 years now. The weekend is a highlight when it comes to foods from around the world in the city.
Stop hovering and let them go outside and play
Where once our parents would have to search the neighbourhood for their vagabond children, it seems now we’re putting too much bubble wrap around our kids and keeping them from what was once a formative experience.
Following the rhythms of the school calendar
Kids and parents operate by a different calendar than other people. For me, the new year never started on Jan. 1. Rather, it started the day after Labour Day when school began.
We must embrace e-participation
The graffiti artist Banksy recently painted a cute kitten wearing a red bow on a bomb-damaged wall in Palestine.
John De Boer photo
De Boer's treasures: Wheels and Tracks in Motion
Last fall I attended the Last Blast steam show held on the 327-acre property of the Simcoe County Museum near Barrie. This is home to the Historical Construction Equipment Association of Canada who sponsors a show twice a year.
Hey council: It’s time to get it together people
Kitchener council is six months into its new term and unfortunately has already fallen back into bad habits.
Cab companies need to Uber-up to compete
Earlier this week, more than 500 taxi drivers gathered in downtown Toronto to protest.
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