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Doing it up Christmas style

By Bob Vrbanac

You know that a music or dance phenomenon has jumped the shark when your kids are at the breakfast table singing, “Op op op oppan, Gangnam Style.”

That’s the chorus from K-Pop sensation Psy’s monster hit song, and unless you’ve been under a rock the last few months you’ll know that it’s seeped into our collective consciousness.

It set a YouTube record recently, surpassing Canada’s Justin Bieber for most-viewed video ever. Since it was posted on July 15, Psy has had almost one billion views, more than the Bieb’s record of 803 million views for his hit Baby.

In that time, Psy has also surpassed Bieber as most irritating entertainer on the planet, for his video that looks like he’s riding a horse hopped up on heroin.

It has echoes of other novelty songs and dance fads such as the macarena and the chicken dance, which is still popular locally on the Oktoberfest circuit.

Gangnam Style is destined to be the scourge of wedding receptions for years to come, as even Grandma can get out onto the dance floor and look like she’s horseback riding again. He will be the hero of every two-bit wedding DJ who is too lazy to play good music at weddings to get the crowd going, and has to resort to cheap tricks and stunts.

But I digress, with memories of an argument I had  with a wedding DJ who said I was hamstringing him if I didn’t let him play the macarena at my nuptial celebration. I wanted to string him up, alright. Let’s just say he didn’t get the job.

It’s already a sign of desperation when you trot out Psy as an attraction for your event. The latest Buffalo Bills foray to Toronto featured Psy playing a halftime show. He just made a bad football game worse, and he might have officially put the final nail in the coffin of the NFL football experiment in Toronto.

But you know Psy’s time is coming to an end when the parody videos start popping up on the Internet. The latest one is Gandalf Style, in honour of the opening of The Hobbit movie based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien.

It’s chorus includes the line: “Heeeeey, where’s my Hobbits? Wiz, wiz, wiz, wiz, Wizard Gandalf Style.”

But the topper was a recent morning when I came down to breakfast and saw my boys wrapped in Christmas bells and Santa hats, performing a holiday version of what has become the new bane of my existence.

I told them the orignal lyrics of, “Hey, sexy lady,” were inappropriate for a seven year old to sing. So my middle son, Dylan, came up with, “Oh, sexy Santa,” instead. And they’ve been “op, op, oppan it Christmas style” ever since.

Here’s hoping a New Year brings an end to the Psy-chosis.

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