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Picking a pool for Kiwanis Park
Another hot summer had a lot of people thinking about ways to beat the heat, and Kitchener’s Kiwanis Park pool has been a popular one.
Waiting game is taking too long
Waiting in line can be frustrating. But can you imagine if was not just an inconvenience but a matter of life or death?

Would you ever use medical marijuana?

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Friday, August, 21, 2015 - 6:06:45 PM
The waiting game: affordable housing "[...] food budgets and oblige entire households to go to soup kitchens and food pantries for support.  http://www.kitchenerpost.ca/news/the-waiting-game-affordable-housing/   Related article: St. Catherines Standard – David Seigel   Fighting p"
Comment by Looking good, doing poorly…
Friday, August, 21, 2015 - 1:01:06 PM
The waiting game: Transit for Reduced Income Program "Hello I am not one to judge but I find this article regarding this matter ridiculous, Mr Suter receives OSDP and after rent has 600.00 a month to live on. He accesses the food bank 6 times a year visits soup kitchens 3 to 4 times a week for meals an"
Comment by Christine519
Monday, August, 17, 2015 - 7:07:51 PM
Let your vote do the talking "When viewing democracy in Dollars and Cents or in Time, please keep in mind those who have fought for our rights in this country - the right to free speech, the right to vote, the right to a secret ballot during elections - especially the war-dead an"
Comment by WRiskManager
Free range chickens will cost you
The chicken has come home to roost for Kitchener city council as the bylaw that governs this type of urban farming undergoes a review.
Let your vote do the talking
A simple request to increase speaking time for councillors and delegations from five to 10 minutes quickly backfired on Monday, confirming what everyone already knows about Kitchener City Council: they waste a lot of time talking.
The economy will decide election
The federal election is on and it will be the longest, most expensive election in modern Canadian history.
Getting to the core of the problem
Safety is a matter of perception, and how comfortable one feels in any given situation will shape those feelings.
Finding a new formula for food
In a city that prides itself on creating walkable, complete neighbourhoods and the revitalization of its core, something very obvious is missing — a place downtown residents can actually walk to get groceries.
Still work to do on hate crimes
The numbers are down, but it’s still not time to celebrate a dramatic decline in the number of police-reported hate crimes.
Time to get behind the games
There has been a lot of grumbling and bellyaching in the lead up to the Pan Am Games this week in Toronto and its environs.
Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
You can’t travel along many streets in Kitchener without running into one — a construction sign.
Encourage your children to play safely
When it comes to accidents, it’s common to think, ‘Oh, it will never happen to us.’ That is what we thought until our nine-year-old daughter, Zoe, a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, lost her leg in an accident.
Time for cooler heads to prevail
The end of the school year will hopefully provide the kind of labour peace that couldn’t be found at the bargaining table.
Supporting the social market
There has always been a marketplace for goods and ideas — the online world has just made it more accessible.
Restoring the name ‘Busy Berlin’
The city has lamented enough about the lost opportunity of the Mayfair Hotel. While demolition continues this week, it’s time to move on.
Getting more help 24/7
Right out of the gates, Here 24/7 was a success in providing Waterloo Region a single access point for those struggling with addictions, mental health issues or were in crisis.
A necessary talk about death
A big part of the euthanasia debate in Canada is people wanting their end of life to come with dignity.
Mayfair Hotel is the last straw
The demolition of the 110-year--old landmark, the Mayfair Hotel, should be the final straw for those who want to preserve some of the city’s built heritage.
Some priorities out of place
A lot of people will agree that good infrastructure and a solid road network are key to supporting economic development.
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