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Bring on the competition
Having a single voice in any political race isn’t ideal in a democracy.
A timely delivery of service
Streamlining delivery of mental health and addiction services couldn’t have come at a better time, with the new Here 24/7 helpline run by the local chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Do you think school boards should be held to new anti-spam legislation?

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Friday, July, 11, 2014 - 10:10:32 PM
Property owners get their wish by avoiding heritage list "[...] property owners in Kitchener dodged the bullet and kept their properties off the heritage list last week. That’s [...]"
Comment by Heritage homes, Margaret Avenue bridge and spam. This is the Marshall Report | KW Real Estate News
Monday, July, 07, 2014 - 6:06:36 AM
Cycling advisory committee gets new name and new direction "Yes, it's also very important to discuss the walkability of our sidewalks. Snow clearing in winter, and more shade trees, would make it much easier for those who must walk everywhere - especially seniors but not only seniors. I hope the new advisor"
Comment by Eleanor
Sunday, July, 06, 2014 - 2:02:49 PM
Be careful of promises made "[...] Be careful of promises made -Editorial in  Kitchener Post [...]"
Comment by Keep city's commitment to replace Margaret Ave. bridge quickly - James HOWE
Be careful of promises made
The Margaret Avenue bridge rebuild is becoming a story about being careful of the promises people make, especially politicians when they’re on the campaign trail.
A matter of transparency
Creative Enterprise Initiative has come under scrutiny this week as the arts and culture organization announced the firing of its current CEO and a review of the organization’s mandate.
Grounding airport expansion
It’s pretty dumb to launch an airport expansion plan when you aren’t doing enough business to make the current model work.
Time to change the dynamic
The provincial election campaign proved to be one of the most mean-spirited, demoralizing and destructive ones in recent memory.
Your time to decide
Those of you who don’t think your vote counts should remember the last provincial election.
Think before you speak
Any time you hear someone preface their comments by saying they know someone who is part of an identifiable minority, hold on to your hat because you know what’s coming.
Time for some civic engagement
It might seem redundant with a municipal election coming this fall, but Compass Kitchener is seeking feedback from residents to help set priorities for the next four years.
Endorsing the power of symbols
Waving the flag is all about publicly showing your support for what that symbol represents and expressing your pride.
Supporting creative solutions
Anyone who wants more proof that we’re still experiencing the aftereffects of the recession of 2008 just has to look at family homelessness numbers in the region.
Making it a matter of fairness
The growth of food truck culture has been a nice addition to the local food scene and they’ve been a great complement to festivals and special events.
Suffering from a crisis of concern
No one deserves to die alone in the snow, cold and forgotten
Locked doors a sign of the times
We’d all like to remember the days when we didn’t have to lock our doors at night.
New tree plan needs roots
A city’s tree canopy is part of what contributes to a community’s quality of life.
Travelling the same old road
Of all the provincial Liberal pre-budget documents leaked this week, the one that is most concerning for this region is a supposed plan to defer the start of the Hwy. 7 expansion for another year to 2016.
Time to help our lost kids
The news that three local youth struggling with the streets have lost that battle shouldn’t reach our ears through a tweet.
It’s time to get on with it
The last minute appeals have failed and during a Wednesday night meeting regional council officially endorsed GrandLinq as the consortium that will design, build, maintain, finance and operate the Ion.
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