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Locked doors a sign of the times
We’d all like to remember the days when we didn’t have to lock our doors at night.
New tree plan needs roots
A city’s tree canopy is part of what contributes to a community’s quality of life.

Should the doors be locked at all local schools?

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Thursday, April, 10, 2014 - 5:05:53 AM
Making K’nexions "[...] March 27 – Kitchener: Making K’nexions [...]"
Comment by NEM Newsroom | National Engineering Month Ontario
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 8:08:53 PM
Travelling the same old road "Explain to me again why we couldn't just widen the existing highway 7? Make it 5 lanes, with safe access to the greenhouse businesses, and a new entrance by way of Wellington St and Bingeman Centre Rd. Then a new hwy wouldn't be needed for a genera"
Comment by Eleanor
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 1:01:22 PM
Big Music Fest creates council division "[...] I saw some of it first hand via Rogers TV and read about it in this morning’s Waterloo Region Record and on CBC’s local station. And this week’s Kitchener Post. [...]"
Comment by Why all the fuss at City Council about Big Music Fest? | James Howe
Travelling the same old road
Of all the provincial Liberal pre-budget documents leaked this week, the one that is most concerning for this region is a supposed plan to defer the start of the Hwy. 7 expansion for another year to 2016.
Time to help our lost kids
The news that three local youth struggling with the streets have lost that battle shouldn’t reach our ears through a tweet.
It’s time to get on with it
The last minute appeals have failed and during a Wednesday night meeting regional council officially endorsed GrandLinq as the consortium that will design, build, maintain, finance and operate the Ion.
Sidewalk precedent is set
City council has decided to go ahead with new sidewalks on Palmer and Kennedy avenues in Kitchener, despite the protest of some of the people who live there.
It’s time to stop treating Cambridge like a charity case
Despite a last-minute effort, there is no stopping light rail transit now.
Feds have to show leadership
Canada’s big city mayors were in Ottawa this week doing something that has become all too common
Poor falling further behind
Keeping up with inflation was the main justification that the provincial government used when it recently decided to increase Ontario’s minimum wage to $11.
Statue feedback is a clear message
The numbers are in, and the public clearly does not like the idea.
Boathouse won’t come cheap
With plans in place, a music venue, bar and restaurant is expected to be open in the boathouse at Victoria Park in time for the summer season. But it won’t come without a price for Kitchener citizens.
Real results will come this fall
According to the Environics survey done for Compass Kitchener late last year, satisfaction with city government remains high.
A bus down easy street
Student leaders at University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier are either living in utopia, or spending a lot of time with their heads in a very dark place.
This is an election budget
The Region of Waterloo approved a 1.86 per cent tax increase on Wednesday that will add another $32 to the average tax bill in 2014.
Failing the most vulnerable
In this brutally cold week, many residents of Kitchener probably hunkered down at home as much as possible, snuggled under blankets and drank tea in their cosy homes.
Next races need new faces
It’s widely accepted that an incumbent is difficult to unseat, particularly in municipal elections.
A thank you to power workers
An online crowd-funding campaign has started for one of life’s simple pleasures: a pizza party.
Don’t lose that giving feeling
The House of Friendship Christmas Hamper program set another record this week, putting together and delivering more than 4,250 holiday meals to more than 12,000 people in need in the local community.
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