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We shouldn’t forget these stories
It’s been a year since the body of Amanda Daiken was found in a downtown backyard, more than a month after she was reported missing.
A hopeful ending to Sacred Heart
There’s a fight brewing over the future of Sacred Heart Church between the City of Kitchener and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton.

What should happen to the Mayfair Hotel?

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Tuesday, March, 10, 2015 - 10:10:15 AM
A timeout from tech "[...] media was very interested in covering this event. We were featured in The Record, CTV news, the Kitchener Post and the Canadian Mennonite. We also had a number of radio stations request interviews, including a [...]"
Comment by Tech TimeOut: We survived! - Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
Friday, February, 27, 2015 - 2:02:43 PM
Clearing snow needs a happy medium "[...] On Tuesday of last week, The Record published a column by Professor Alejandro López-Ortiz calling on our cities to plow sidewalks like they do roads. This week, Kitchener Post columnist James Bow also called on Kitchener to investigate offer"
Comment by Winter Sidewalk Round-Up | TriTAG
Saturday, February, 21, 2015 - 10:10:18 PM
Short on space "[...] http://www.kitchenerpost.ca/news/short-on-space/ [...]"
Comment by We Need More Space! | Doon Pioneer Park Community Association
LRT complaints start rolling in
It seems that while some got behind the concept of the LRT coming to the community, the actual design and build of the system will cause much consternation until the fall of 2017 when Ion is officially launched.
Job cuts a sign of things to come
It doesn’t quite live up to former Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s pledge to cut 100,000 workers from Ontario’s public service, but anybody paying attention to what is coming out of Queen’s Park should realize job cuts are coming.
A fundamental issue of fairness
It is a situation that goes to the very heart of fairness in our community — why are Conestoga College students being treated differently than students at the region’s two universities?
Input needed for strong neighbourhoods
The city will start to create its first-ever neighbourhood strategy in the next two months.
We need a better defence of our freedoms
It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who once famously said the, “only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
Make roundabout rules the law
Drivers at some of the region’s 42 roundabouts have seen for themselves, confused motorists either in front of them or coming through the circle.
City can’t defer maintenance any longer
There are a lot of people who won’t be happy that city council approved a 9.9 per cent increase to water and sanitary sewer rates during final budget day on Monday.
Golf courses are part of the city’s history
I started golfing at Rockway many years ago and to date it is still one of my favourite courses to play.
Municipalities should save for rainy days
It had the potential to make at least a few residents happy.
Time for paying lip service is over
Supporters of an expansion at the Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre have a legitimate beef with how council continues to defer this important neighbourhood project.
Should the city be in the golf business?
The City of Kitchener has a big discussion coming up about how it will continue to fund its golf operations going forward as it continues to run up deficits.
Time to speed up reforms of the OMB
The Kathleen Wynne provincial government promised in August 2013 to reform the Ontario Municipal Board.
Users beware of Uber app
Anyone who has used a taxi in town knows it can be expensive and inconvenient.
Hockey has to change with the times
It’s the good old hockey game, but as we saw in the recent four-part series published in the Post, there are real challenges for Canada’s favourite sport going forward.
Time to sharpen budget cuts
Despite the break we’re all enjoying at the pumps, the price of gas will have an effect on the inflation rate this year even though it isn’t included in the Consumer Price Index.
Looking back on another year
As we look to start a new year with the hope and optimism that come with the change of the calendar, we pause to look back on 2014.
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