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Time to focus on helping other nations
Where’s the dough?
Canadians are also impacted by Amtrak disaster
The Amtrak disaster and the Republican vote the very next day to cut Amtrak funding, brings up a serious problem that affects both the United States and Canada.

Has your car ever been damaged by a pothole?

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Wednesday, May, 20, 2015 - 12:12:02 AM
People were informed about heritage landscape study "[...] in the process, I recognized that the criticism was inaccurate and needed a response. Here’s my letter to the editor that appeared in the May 7 [...]"
Comment by Cultural heritage landscape study engaged citizens - Perspectives from James Howe
Thursday, April, 30, 2015 - 3:03:07 PM
Challenging culture: Moving up and moving out "[...] Part 2 [...]"
Comment by Challenging culture: Better together | Your online newspaper for Kitchener, Ontario
Tuesday, March, 10, 2015 - 10:10:15 AM
A timeout from tech "[...] media was very interested in covering this event. We were featured in The Record, CTV news, the Kitchener Post and the Canadian Mennonite. We also had a number of radio stations request interviews, including a [...]"
Comment by Tech TimeOut: We survived! - Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
Controlling your pet is part of being its owner
With the weather becoming nicer, it’s time to start taking the dog for a walk.
Stop the sale of Hydro One by the Liberals
The hydro bills are outrageous already and getting worse with increases twice a year.
We shouldn’t be shielding our kids from sex education
I am the father of two school-aged children.
K-W Art Gallery gets no funding from Region
The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery does not receive sustainability or operating funding from the Region of Waterloo.
People were informed about heritage landscape study
No one was kept it the dark by the City of Kitchener’s Cultural Heritage Landscape Study.
A sign that the city is out of touch on Central
I’m with the people characterizing access to Central Fresh Market as “one monumental screw up, compounded by what seems to be mean-spirited actions on the part of the City of Kitchener.”
Plea deal brings adminstration of justice into disrepute
A person allegedly gets drunk in St. Clements, drives over to Wellesley where he runs a stop sign and broadsides a minivan.
Government isn’t listening to concerns about Bill C-51
I am deeply concerned that my MP, Harold Albrecht, has not spoken up to our prime minister in regards to Bill C-51.
Patients at-risk due to job cuts at Grand River
I’ve read your article “Nurses’ association says job cuts will compromise care,” and I agree.
Take a minute to thank our local volunteers
Every year during National Volunteer Week, we have the opportunity to celebrate their efforts and contributions.
No regrets in betting on yourself
After close to 140 job applications, resumes, and cover letters within a span of two months, I finally landed a sweet government job in 2013.
City should practice what it preaches
Here’s a tip for the City of Kitchener bylaw detectives working the cases of poor residential snow removal ... stake out the sidewalks and surrounding area of your Kitchener Market.
Infrastructure matters
Canadians are paying a hefty price for poor infrastructure.
Bill C-51 creates unaccountable secret police
The government’s secret police Bill C-51 is reckless, dangerous, and ineffective. It turns CSIS into a secret police force with little oversight or accountability.
Eliminating long form census was a mistake
Eliminating the long form census was a costly mistake and it’s high time Parliament fix it and restore it by passing Bill C-626.
Closing city golf courses would be a shame
As a former member of Rockway, I would like to comment on a number of concerns about whether these courses should be closed due to finances.
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