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Noisy jet an injustice to airport neighbourhoods
Letter to the editor: To laugh or to cry.
Consider fair trade products this Easter season
We often contribute to the better well-being of other people in the world. This was true with fair trade coffee and is more and more true with other fair trade consumer goods, such as chocolate.

Should the doors be locked at all local schools?

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Thursday, April, 10, 2014 - 5:05:53 AM
Making K’nexions "[...] March 27 – Kitchener: Making K’nexions [...]"
Comment by NEM Newsroom | National Engineering Month Ontario
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 8:08:53 PM
Travelling the same old road "Explain to me again why we couldn't just widen the existing highway 7? Make it 5 lanes, with safe access to the greenhouse businesses, and a new entrance by way of Wellington St and Bingeman Centre Rd. Then a new hwy wouldn't be needed for a genera"
Comment by Eleanor
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 1:01:22 PM
Big Music Fest creates council division "[...] I saw some of it first hand via Rogers TV and read about it in this morning’s Waterloo Region Record and on CBC’s local station. And this week’s Kitchener Post. [...]"
Comment by Why all the fuss at City Council about Big Music Fest? | James Howe
CNIB thanks volunteers during National Volunteer Week
In honour of National Volunteer Week (April 6 – 12), Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) would like to thank its incredible volunteers; we couldn’t do what we do without them.
Ion project is bigger than just the tax increase
Every day more letters question the decision for Ion to become a spine connecting Waterloo Region’s three economic cores.
LRT part of a bigger plan that will cost us all in long run
Kitchener people just aren’t being told that the 19 kilometers of the LRT is only a fraction of the entire project
Put the LRT to a referendum for everyone in the region
This LRT situation should be put to the people of the area in a referendum.
Statues would be out of place no matter what
RE: City council drops Victoria Park statue project; March 3
City should be accountable for their sidewalks too
I’ve been reading about homeowners not clearing their sidewalks, and possibly facing a $300 fine to have it cleared by the city’s operations department.
Canada needs to maintain funding for TB
World TB Day, March 24, is a good opportunity for us to acknowledge Canada’s major contribution of $650 million over three years to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, which was announced in December. It’s also a very good opportunity to encourage our country to maintain its role as a world leader in this field by also contributing to the financing of the TB REACH initiative.
People living on welfare are in dire straights
Elections are expensive but necessary.
Food trucks attract people to downtown
Kudos to Kitchener city council for deciding against keeping food trucks a novelty.
Quebec nursing home fire must lead to lasting change
In the wake of that terrible fire in L’Isle Verte, Quebec that took the lives of more than 30 seniors and people with disabilities, it is encouraging to learn what Ontario plans to do for the elderly.
Light rail transit is too expensive and inflexible
Let’s take a look at the history of streetcars, or if you like, light rail transit (LRT).
Survey just the start of discussions, says Chair
I read with interest your editorial regarding a community survey designed as the first step in determining citizen priorities for Kitchener’s ongoing development.
Stuck in the snow with an $80 parking ticket
On Feb. 1 at midnight my girlfriend got stuck on Clifton Road in Kitchener backing out of her sister’s driveway.
Wealth gap unfair and corrupt
A study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published earlier this year shows that Canada’s 100 best-paid CEOs breezed through year 2012 with earnings near 271 times higher than the average Canadian worker — $7.96 million compared to $46,634.
One-metre rule unenforceable
Setting up a law that calls for one metre between a travelling car and a cyclist is unenforceable, because how are you going to measure the distance?
OLG provides strong community support
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is proud to be a vital part of the 24 communities that host our gaming facilities.
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