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Time to tackle the affordable housing issue
RE: Senior homelessness a growing concern; July 18
Canadian pride should be displayed with flags
Why don’t people in this great country of ours display the Canadian flag like they display flags during the World Cup?

Would you take your kids to a natural playscape?

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Friday, July, 11, 2014 - 10:10:32 PM
Property owners get their wish by avoiding heritage list "[...] property owners in Kitchener dodged the bullet and kept their properties off the heritage list last week. That’s [...]"
Comment by Heritage homes, Margaret Avenue bridge and spam. This is the Marshall Report | KW Real Estate News
Monday, July, 07, 2014 - 6:06:36 AM
Cycling advisory committee gets new name and new direction "Yes, it's also very important to discuss the walkability of our sidewalks. Snow clearing in winter, and more shade trees, would make it much easier for those who must walk everywhere - especially seniors but not only seniors. I hope the new advisor"
Comment by Eleanor
Sunday, July, 06, 2014 - 2:02:49 PM
Be careful of promises made "[...] Be careful of promises made -Editorial in  Kitchener Post [...]"
Comment by Keep city's commitment to replace Margaret Ave. bridge quickly - James HOWE
Accessibility problems abound on local buses
There is a growing problem with Grand River Transit and their handling of disabled customers.
Some trustees vote against hearing parent delegation
Why was there an attempt to muzzle me at last month’s Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) meeting?
Development charges needed for growth of region
Development charges are a necessity to allow cities to provide the extra roads, water and sewage to service new buildings.
Citizens need to be involved in sidewalk process
I regularly choose walking as my method of transportation.
Airport growth must be for the well being of the community
Frankly, I was surprised, correction, I was disgusted by the reported anguish by certain local councillors about the airport’s difficulties in finding or even retaining flights and businesses.
Affordable housing wait list should be tailored to need
Ontario uses the 30 per cent of income measure for affordable housing.
No great choices this provincial election
So let me get this right, these are our only choices?
NDP conspicuously silent on working poor
Thank you to Bob Vrbanac for his May 16 article “Who speaks for the working poor?”
Canada must continue global vaccine spending
Long thought by most people to belong to the bad old days of polio and smallpox, measles is making a resurgence in Canada due to complacency of the public about vaccinations.
Competitive economy depends on skilled trades
On behalf of the Ontario College of Trades, I would like to congratulate Conestoga College Institute of Tech. and Advanced Learning for its participation in the 2014 Ontario Technological Skills Competition.
Flying rainbow flag opens door to discrimination
Mayor Carl Zehr and the majority of city council were correct in their decision to deny LGBTQ a special right.
Abuse of foreign worker program must stop
How many more scandals will it take before the Conservatives finally get serious about fixing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program so that it does not take jobs from Canadians?
Inequality is the cost of capitalist consumer culture
After reading your article last week, I have to wonder why everyone is so shocked.
Quiet voices ignored when it comes to GRT changes
I read Mr. Bow’s column for the first time on Saturday as it arrived with the grocery flyers.
Candidates need to make housing top priority
We know that healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods are built for, and welcoming to, all people regardless of age, ethnocultural background, socioeconomic status or physical mobility. Healthy and vibrant communities don’t segregate.
High-speed rail pipe dream is a long way off
High-speed rail is a long way off. As James Bow noted, it is very expensive, and I would add that there is nothing to support the notion that ridership on the Kitchener route will justify its cost.
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