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Vote for vision, not resentment and anger
Since 2010, Toronto has learned the hard way that voting for a candidate that represented resentment and anger instead of competency and vision leads to disaster.
Need to close the loophole on tendering
I wanted follow up with you in the wake of the developments and decisions by the Ontario Labour Board deeming the region a “construction employer,” validating the certification by the Carpenters Union and ensuring closed tendering for local infrastructure.

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Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 2:02:32 PM
School board trustee: the forgotten vote "It's totally true. I'm running for School Board Trustee and yesterday I received an email from another candidate and I stopped and went, "wait, who?" I think it goes without saying that as a candidate I have been paying attention to the race! Weird"
Comment by fmcalister
Thursday, October, 16, 2014 - 7:07:44 PM
School board trustee: the forgotten vote "Hi James Thanks for linking to the TriTAG survey. We did not have the capacity to include school trustees in our survey for this election, but it's on our radar for the future, as how kids travel to and from school, and the education they receive "
Comment by MikeOnABike
Tuesday, October, 14, 2014 - 1:01:54 AM
Kitchener Votes Region: Karen Redman "[...] Karen Redman – Redman is a household name in Kitchener because she’s served locally in several capacities. A good family friend, Karen has always demonstrated her passion for Kitchener and our region.  Her comments in a local news"
Comment by Waterloo Region Votes - Great Candidates | Paul Stickney
Politicians should walk the walk on transparency
There is nothing wrong with public school board trustee John Hendry calling on trustee candidates to admit any known conflicts they could face if they are elected on Oct. 27.
Doon residents still without safe bike access
Councillors recently passed a vote to put in segregated bike lanes on Manitou Drive.
Candidates should declare known conflicts
Waterloo Region District School Board incumbent John Hendry has challenged all trustee candidates to state publicly, ahead of the Oct. 27 election, whether they have a close relative associated with the board, as this may prevent them from participating in future debate and voting on some issues.
Harper’s climate boycott is embarrassing
Why is Harper not attending the international climate conference? Every embarrassed Canadian is asking this question.
Trails need maintenance, not upgrades
Before the city considers $1.5 million for trail upgrades (e.g. entrances and crossings), I propose the city consider an effective trail maintenance program — the simple stuff — pruning and cutting the brush and overgrowth, adding more aggregate where washouts have occurred and other such basic maintenance activities.
Don’t legislate diet choices
The assumption had been that people do not consume high-quality diets because they did not have adequate access to healthy foods. However, “the results of this study suggests that exposure to [a saturation] of unhealthy food [options, rather than a lack of healthy ones,] and beverages in people’s neighbourhoods through convenience stores and fast food outlets is associated with poor diet quality.”
Politicians using a false dichotomy with LRT
At the recent ground breaking for the region’s light rail transit (LRT) project, once again the comparison between LRT and the building of the Conestoga Parkway was used as a justification for the project.
Fry was wrong labeling refugee health care a right
Fry was wrong labeling refugee health care a right.
Army veteran disappointed in justice system
I am an army veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and I have a service dog.
Cuts to refugee health care morally wrong
Canada has long been a safe haven for those seeking protection from violence and persecution in troubled parts of the world, but our reputation for compassion has been called into question by the Conservative government’s decision to deny refugee claimants health care.
Seek permanent solutions to homelessness: safe, supported, affordable housing
As one who advocates for an end to homelessness, as one who has been homeless repeatedly, as a Christian churchgoer, and as person, I am grieved by what is happening to our homeless community.
$13 dollars paid for two hours of free parking
A very concerning thing happened when trying to resolve a parking ticket (received in Galt).
What’s wrong with full employment?
The C.D. Howe Institute has urged the Canadian government to create 75,000 jobs by running a small deficit.
Clearpath Robotics open letter against Killer Robots
To the people against killer robots: we support you. This technology has the potential to kill indiscriminately and to proliferate rapidly; early prototypes already exist. Despite our continued involvement with Canadian and international military research and development, Clearpath Robotics believes that the development of killer robots is unwise, unethical, and should be banned on an international scale.
Kitchener proved itself with Big Music Fest
The biggest stage in North America has now been dismantled. The tour buses have left town. McLennan Park has been cleaned up and returned to the community. And, the tens of thousands who celebrated in Kitchener went back to their regular lives, with stories and one even has a cherished tattoo. Now is the time we start asking: what are the takeaways from Big Music Fest?
Single-family homes being converted for student housing
Councillor Yvonne Fernandes has been very supportive of our concerns at city hall, however, she is fighting a lone battle against the rest of city council. A group of residents had been communicating with bylaw and Kitchener city council for approximately eight years, expressing our concerns that our lovely neighbourhood was becoming Waterloo’s Northdale in the Lower Doon district of Kitchener.
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