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Region’s emergency response system not effective

Re: Need for 911 changes: Gravill

Former police chief Larry Gravill and his working group hit the nail on the head. That said, this is not a new idea, this was proposed a number of years ago.

I think due to the cost of equipment and the duplication of this equipment it is time to look at regionalizing this service.

We need to also revisit the three-tier response system in the region.

With all due respect, firefighters are not paramedics. Yes some of them do have the training, but firefighting is their job at this time.

Seeing a rescue truck, an aerial truck or a pumper, plus police, respond to a nose bleed is not the most effective use of the talents and expertise of these personnel.

The fire department cannot transport injured citizens or heart attack victims to the emergency room. I know and trust they will always do their best for each and every citizen in an emergency, but lets get it right and visit what I know is sacred.

We simply cannot afford the retention pay or the ever-increasing cost of the salaries and benefit packages.

We as citizens owe a great deal of respect and gratitude to our 911 responders, but using firetrucks to block traffic at an accident where there is no fire or rescue expertise needed is a waste of resources, plain and simple.

There is only so much money in the well. Let us take action before, like some American cities and towns, we have to reduce or lay off 911 services.

Kevin Young

One Response to “Region’s emergency response system not effective”

  1. wholewit says:


    Firefighters do not respond to nose bleeds, and not some, but all have emergency medical training, and devices such as defibrillators that will save your life. Yes medics have advanced training and equipment, but given a dire situation where your life could be restored, does it really matter who does it for you? While retention pay and whatever you deem to be benefit packages are negotiated items, that doesn’t affect the type of responses fire responds to. Just hope they never have to respond to you and your family, but if they do, know that your going to be looked after. Merry Christmas.

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