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Understanding child custody arrangements
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Understanding child custody arrangements

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McLeod Green Dewar LLP & Associates specializes in matrimonial law.  Divorces can be very complicated, especially when there are children involved.

A divorce involving children adds at least two elements: child support and custody arrangements. The arrangements that are made should be what are best for the child.  There are several different types of custody arrangements that are common in divorces.  Being familiar with each type can help you figure out which one will be the best for your children.

Joint custody is quite common.  With this type of custody arrangement, the children will live primarily with one parent and spend regular amounts of time with the other parent.  For example, the other parent may have the children every other weekend and every Wednesday night.  Parents make decisions jointly about the children.

With shared custody, both parents are involved in decision-making about the children and share in their ongoing care.  The children live at least 40 per cent of the time with each parent.

Sole custody means that the children live with one parent, and that parent has the right and responsibility to make major decisions about the child's care, education, religious instruction and welfare.  Sole custody does not mean that the other parent never sees the child.  In fact, in most cases, the other parent has visitation and still spends time with the child.

Split custody arrangements involve families with more than one child.  In this type of custody arrangement, each parent has custody of one or more of those children.

To ensure that you are doing what's best for your children and that you get the time that you want with them; work with one of the legal experts at McLeod Green Dewar LLP & Associates.

McLeod Green Dewar LLP & Associates has two offices to serve you better.  In Kitchener, the office is located at 30 Duke Street West, Suite 605.  Call 519-742-4297 to make an appointment.  In Brantford, the office is located at 172 Dalhousie Street, Suite 201.  The office can be reached at 519-304-9191.  For more information, visit

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