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UW takes Everest base camp
A group of University of Waterloo students may “only” be going to Everest base camp, but that means they face an 18-day roundtrip hike.
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La yapa: Easter lamb
Try some lamb for Easter dinner.

Should the doors be locked at all local schools?

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Thursday, April, 10, 2014 - 5:05:53 AM
Making K’nexions "[...] March 27 – Kitchener: Making K’nexions [...]"
Comment by NEM Newsroom | National Engineering Month Ontario
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 8:08:53 PM
Travelling the same old road "Explain to me again why we couldn't just widen the existing highway 7? Make it 5 lanes, with safe access to the greenhouse businesses, and a new entrance by way of Wellington St and Bingeman Centre Rd. Then a new hwy wouldn't be needed for a genera"
Comment by Eleanor
Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 1:01:22 PM
Big Music Fest creates council division "[...] I saw some of it first hand via Rogers TV and read about it in this morning’s Waterloo Region Record and on CBC’s local station. And this week’s Kitchener Post. [...]"
Comment by Why all the fuss at City Council about Big Music Fest? | James Howe
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Kitchener at risk in zombie apocalypse
Should the worlds of fact and fiction collide and a zombie outbreak spread to Canada, residents of Kitchener-Waterloo may want to consider fleeing the city limits sooner rather than later.
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A tale of two bagels
With all due respect, New York, I prefer Montreal-style bagels. I just happen to like their slightly sweet, less fluffy and more chewy nature.
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Feeling the Blues
Monster Jam,Northern Nightmare London 002WEB
De Boer's treasures
Thirty-five-year-old Cam McQueen from Calgary is the owner-operator of Northern Nightmare, which recently appeared at the Budweiser Gardens in London. He is a proud Canadian, driving the first Canadian-made truck on the monster jam circuit.
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Queen of the Square
On April 2 and 3, Jeans and Classics performed the music of Queen at Centre in the Square.
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Social ventures
Communitech is using the environment they’ve created for tech startups to help a new cause.
Turkey Vulture & Mill Damn in Galt 003WEB
De Boer’s treasures
A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this Turkey Vulture who would have just returned from its winter stay in South America.
Rain barrel purchase funds community programs, gardens
During rain barrel blitz, order a rain barrel in advance to support local groups with community projects.
Wolfpack Comedy Live tour stops in Kitchener
Stand Up Comedy Fest will be held at Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub in Kitchener on April 12.
La Yapa: celebrity chef
I’m not a fan of the cooking television program turned game show. They often deteriorate into something akin to the late-1970s Gong Show with food, spatulas and a few celebrity chefs.
Meals on Wheels raising funds for new kitchen location
Meals on Wheels is asking for the community’s support to raise $600,000 to operate its own kitchen.
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Ignite the night
All it takes to make a difference in the life of a sick child is $20 and some dancing shoes.
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De Boer's treasures: steamship
Meet Eric J Conroy, honorary captain of the S. S. Keewatin
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La yapa: maple syrup
It’s good old maple syrup time
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$700,000 Centre for Autism opens Monday
Usually a tile floor has a consistent pattern.
Aerosmith, Bryan Adams performing at Big Music Fest
Aerosmith and Bryan Adams will be headlining Big Music Fest
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